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you'll be the first and last to know.

Contest 005: Community Icon

The theme for this week is Community Icon. The icon that wins first place in this contest will be used as the default icon for this community, because I'm sick of the current one, and rather than make a new one myself, I figured I'd also use it as a contest theme!

Contest Rules:
  • Your icon should have some variation of the text "Kyou Kara Maou Icon Contest" on it. This could include anything from "KKM Icontest" to "Kyou Kara Maou Icontest" to "kkm_icontest." The only thing I won't accept is something that isn't at all able to be identified as a KKM icon contest - for example, KKMIC would not be accepted because it doesn't definitely indicate what the community is about.

  • Please use official images only for this contest. For other themes, doujinshi might be acceptable, but not for this one.

  • I'd prefer more 'serious' icon entries, as in... not parody icons. I won't make this a solid rule, as someone could probably make a funny icon that would be perfectly fitting for the community, but... just try to remember that this will become the permanent icon for the community (unless, for some reason, that changes).

  • And don't forget the basic rules.

  • Please use the format that follows when posting your icon:


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