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Kyou Kara Maou Icon Contest
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This rules page will probably be made pretty later, but for now, I'll get to the point.

spectrum - Maintainer/Banner Maker
ashly_2x1 - Banner Maker
kudeju - Banner Maker
Banner making is rotated between those marked as banner makers. If you're interested in helping out with banners, feel free to ask.

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If you have a Kyou Kara Maou community or an icon contest community and would like to affiliate, please leave a comment here. ♥

• All icons submitted must pertain to the contest's theme.
• Only one icon may be submitted per person.
• You must not show anyone your icon or post it anywhere until the contest results are revealed.
• All images used must be official Kyou Kara Maou artwork. Doujinshi will also be permitted, but only if credit is given to the creator as due.
• Please try to keep icons around a PG-13 level. While I don't personally mind "worse" content, other members might. ^^;
• Icons should fit LJ's icon standards, meaning they should be 40kb or less and 100x100 pixels or less in size.
• When voting, please do not vote for your own icons. Also, please vote on the icon quality and how well the theme is captured in the icon rather than by image, character, pairing, etc.

You should post submissions on the screened post that states the theme and asks specifically for entries. Entries should be formatted like this:


In other words, please post the image itself followed by the URL. Note that the URL doesn't matter, as all images will be uploaded to a folder on my domain anyway (this prevents people from using URLs to see who made certain icons).

Votes should be submitted to the screened posts that include a list of numbered icons and ask for votes specifically. Each member will be allowed three votes, and votes will be calculated using the points-for-preference method (meaning that the higher the rank you give an icon, the higher number of points it will receive from your vote). Votes should look like this, and go by icon number:


(in the case that icon 3 was your favorite, followed by 5 and 2)

Good luck, and have fun!

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